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Geosynthetics in East Africa


Founded in 2014, Geotextiles East Africa became the first permanent Geosynthetic specialist in Kenya, introducing non woven geotextile filters and geogrid reinforcement materials for use in civil engineering applications. With it's HQ in Mombasa, GEA spearheaded the 1st Geosynthetic bridge in Kenya, which marked a new 'alternative' construction method to conventional means. The project continues to influence developments today and the company continues to pioneer in the field of geosynthetics which is still considered relatively new, especially in East Africa. In addition to organising seminars and training sessions with key international players in the business, we have implemented various trial applications with key stakeholders on both County and National levels, to demonstrate the performance, ecological and economical benefits of geosynthetic engineering.

Why choose us?


At Geotextiles East Africa, we work with a team of international GeoSynthetic engineers to provide design support for our Clients projects. Our high quality products & commitment to value-engineering have made us a market leader in Geosynthetic applications.


Our team will guide and advise you on material selection. We are able to provide custom-made solution packages to ensure the most suited technical solution is reached for our clients' projects.


To ensure correct installation & safety practices are adhered to, we provide installation instructions, offer installation supervision and can organise project-specific training sessions upon request.


Your projects are important to us. When one is completed, we endeavour to assist with future challenges in several civil engineering applications. We are always ready to help.


Get in touch with our team for project & product support.

A few milestones in our history:


• 2014 GEA opens its doors, offering a various range of geotextile and geogrid products.
• 2014 GEA pioneers the construction of the first ever geosynthetic bridge in Kenya.
• 2014 GEA is awarded its first project in South Sudan for an emergency humanitarian project.
• 2014 GEA successfully delivers gabions and geotextiles in Goma, DRC.
• 2015 Organizes a trial project in Mombasa County demonstrating the effectiveness, cost saving, low maintenance benefits of Geotextiles in road construction.
• 2015 Opens a dedicated sales office in Nairobi.
• 2015 Enters the Rwandan market with stress-relieving geotextiles for road maintenance.
• 2015 Completes the causeway connecting to the geosynthetic bridge using Secugrid.
• 2015 Revolutionises container depot platform construction by providing significant savings in the groundworks using geosynthetic design for drainage, separation and soil reinforcement.
• 2015 Supplies crucial secugrid for access roads to the Kinangop Wind Farm project. Without the geogrid soil reinforcement (reducing the thickness of the base course layer) the project may not have been implemented due to high costs that would otherwise be involved.
• 2016 GEA is appointed partner of Naue for the East African market, introducing a revolutionary 2-in-1 Combigrid.
• 2016 Expands into Somalia, providing logistics, design & product support to a remote military base setting up on extremely poor soil conditions.
• 2016 Delivers geosynthetic products to a groundbreaking waste treatment & disposal facility in Uganda.
• 2016 GEA facilitates site access with a custom-made solution for a titanium mining operation.
• 2016 Together with it's partner Naue, GEA designs and supplies a unique PET+PP geotextile for use in hydraulic applications for Kenya Ports Authority.
• 2017 GEA enters the market in Mauritius supplying it's first contract in this territory, with various geotextiles, geocells and HDPE geomembrane liners.
• 2017 Introduces polymer coated double-twist mesh marine gabions for construction in high-corrosive environments.
• 2017 Participated in the 8th Annual East & Central Africa Roads & Rail Infrastructure Summit in Tanzania, shortly thereafter winning a contract to supply the Kilosa-Dumila Road construction project.
• 2017 GEA is involved in the design, training & installation of geosynthetics in a major pipeline protection application in Kwale County.
• 2017 GEA successfully designs & implements a geosynthetic solution for emergency relief of a coastal erosion application. Severe storm damage completely destroyed the sea frontage of a historic property in Mombasa. GEA provided the quickest, most economical solution which is setting a trend for flood defence & environmental engineering.