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geocontainers available in kenya


The Geocontainer shoreline protection system incorporates a robust geotextile bag filled with sand which forms a stable, durable container for use in coastal erosion and other dynamic hydraulic applications.

The Geocontainers are manufactured from nonwoven, needle-punched, staple fibre geotextile with designed filtration, abrasion resistance, puncture and UV characteristics which provides for maximum durability in harsh environments.

Applications include revetments, artificial reefs, scour prevention, groynes and protection dykes.

The design & construction of coastal protection measures is a highly specialised field which GEA is at the forefront of in East Africa. Geosynthetic sand filled containers weigh up to 4.5 tonnes providing the stability required to withstand the impact of high wave energy in coastal environments.

Together with trusted local partners, GEA offers the unique full service of technical design, supply and installation on site. The 4.5T bags are an eco-friendly solution and a soft-engineering alternative for protecting beach properties as well as reinstating lost beach frontage, protecting existing dune embankments and boundary walls.