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Drainage Pipes

Our geopipes, extruded from HDPE, have an innovative double wall. The external wall is corrugated while the internal wall is smooth with a very low coefficient of friction, combining high ring-stiffness (which resists damage due to installation and overburden) with excellent flow rates. The drainage perforations are created in the valley of the corrugations which protect the pipe from blockage from drainage aggregate and make it ideal for use with composite drainage systems and geotextile socks. Our geopipes are extremely resistant to both acid and alkali attack.

Geopipes Project References in East Africa

Geotextiles & subsoil drainage pipes made it possible to build a container terminal & heavily trafficked areas on extremely soft subsoils for a CFS in Kenya…

Construction of critical drainage systems, riprap on upstream slopes using geotextiles for filtration, separation and drainage at Kenya’s Thiba Dam site…