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Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme in Masisi, North Kivu Province, DRC

Masisi is a town located in the North Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The area faces serious humanitarian challenges from years of ongoing conflict, corruption and hostility. Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organisation that have been operating in the country since 1994, responding to emergencies and providing humanitarian relief to impoverished communities in need of essential necessities such as clean water, sanitation and hygiene.

One of the many challenges faced by communities in the region is the lack of basic infrastructure. The conditions of the roads are extremely poor, sometimes none existent, making travel by vehicle or on foot, very difficult and the journey very long. Part of Concern Worldwide’s Emergency Programme for Masisi was to rehabilitate vital roads in the area. Several sections of road were simply eroded and washed away during monsoon rains, leaving the road impassable and villages isolated. Geotextiles East Africa was awarded the supply contract and handled the logistics to deliver essential gabions and geotextiles to construct road crossings over deep voids.

Gabions for Emergency Relief

The galvanised weldmesh Gabion baskets were the ideal solution for this particular project. Assembly can be done manually and quickly without the need for specialist equipment or power tools. With limited resources and skilled labour available in Masisi, the gabions were the perfect choice in this case. Hand packed with stones the gabions can be filled in place. A geotextile backing was laid first to separate any soil from being washed into the Gabion structure, which acts as a mass retaining wall preventing the river embankments from further erosion and provided a platform for a bridge crossing. The gabions supplied were varying sizes of 2x1x0.3m mattresses and 1.5x1x1m and 2x1x1m boxes, 2.7mm wire diameter with mesh opening size 75x75mm.

Logistics in East Africa

Having gained experience over years of operating in the region, Geotextiles East Africa Ltd has established a strong network with both local and international logistics partners. GEA provides door-to-door logistics handling all import/export, border clearance and transport procedures to get the cargo delivered, even in remote, hard-to-reach locations.

Project Details

Client : Concern Worldwide

Project Location : Masisi, North Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo

Gabions supplied : +1,085m3

Geotextiles supplied : +4,000m2

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