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Our GS-GC Geocells are manufactured from HDPE sheets with high strength welded joints and come in a variety of heights and cell densities. This expandable confinement system is effectively used for slope protection and basal reinforcement on low CBR subgrades in roads and railway ballast.

The HDPE Geocells provide an optimal solution in terms of strength, durability, and ease of installation. Paired with a GeoMatt geotextile enables them to be extremely versatile as they can be filled with a variety of materials such as soil, gravel, murram, concrete…etc depending on the application and what is locally available.

hdpe geocell sand access road
Geocell Solutions

Our GS-GC Geocells are typically used in:

  • Erosion protection of slopes and embankments
  • Road base stabilization
  • Coastal protection & channel/river lining
  • Parking areas
  • Temporary access roads and unpaved road stabilization
  • Reinforcement of railroad bed and railway subgrade
  • Protection of road and railway embankments
  • Retaining wall construction
How do Geocells work?

Geocells are cellular confinement systems that improve the performance of cohesionless materials such as gravel or sand. By confining the material in honeycomb cells distributes the weight from above laterally & vertically across the cell walls.

In practice, this means geocells are ideal for intense load support applications, such as a road for heavy vehicles requiring stress distribution across a larger area.

How can Geocells benefit you?

HDPE geocell foundations provide several benefits for all types of residential & commercial projects.

Simple and Quick Installation

The geocells are delivered in collapsed form. The sections are lightweight and easily expanded on site. Once placed on a GeoMatt separation layer, the expanded sections are anchored or pegged into place. They can be backfilled manually or with simple construction equipment. Please consult with our engineers to ensure the product is implemented successfully for your project.

Reduced Layer Thickness = Reduced Costs

The honeycomb cell structure does the work of increasing compaction of loose, cohesionless materials, thereby reducing the need of importing more material to create thicker base courses. The cell heights vary from 75, 100 and 150mm. Greater cell heights are also available on request.

Varieties of Infill

Geocells give you the flexibility of using various infill material, be it gravel, murram, crushed stone, recycled infill, soil and grass, and aggregate depending on what is locally available or the project requirements.

Flexible Design Solution

Geocell applications can be easily adapted to a wide range of design requirements and site conditions. The versatility of the system results from its inherent flexibility, unique load deformation behaviour and suitability for a wide range of infill materials and foundation soils.

Perforated Cell Walls = Easy Drainage

The perforations and a textured surface increase the friction angle between aggregate infill and the cell wall, generating better aggregate interlocking and greater overall load distribution.

The perforated cell walls also facilitate lateral cell-to-cell drainage of excessive ground and surface water, reducing hydraulic build up and the negative effects of passing over saturated soils.

Strength and Longevity

The confining cell structure imparts an effective cohesion to the infill material, thereby increasing its shear strength and stiffness. This improvement results from the hoop strength of the cell walls, the passive resistance of the adjacent cells and the high frictional interaction between the infill and the cell walls.

The advantages of using HDPE Geocells for single-layer road bases, yards, paved or unpaved surfaces is the reduction of costs of ground works and infill materials. The cellular confinement system enables less expensive readily available infill to be used instead of more costly imported materials.

As loads are distributed through the cellular structure over soft subgrades, the thickness and weight of construction layers can be reduced by up to 50% compared to the conventional construction methods.

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