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TrapBag Coastal Erosion Protection

TrapBag ® is a low cost, quick deploy, self-erecting, cellular barrier bag specifically designed to provide temporary or permanent solutions in emergency and non-emergency situations. TrapBag solutions can be successfully used in coastal protection, flooding, erosion control, temporary cofferdams, levee raising, land reclamation, property protection and beach nourishment.

The design & construction of coastal protection measures is a highly specialised field which GEA is at the forefront of in East Africa. The sand filled TrapBags provide the stability required to withstand the impact of high wave energy in coastal environments.

GEA offers the unique full service of technical design, supply and installation on site. The Trapbags are an eco-friendly solution and a soft-engineering alternative for protecting beach properties as well as reinstating lost beach frontage, protecting existing dune embankments and boundary walls.

TrapBag Project References in East Africa

Beach restoration project using geotextile sand-filled Trapbags for coastal erosion protection for a hotel property in Watamu, Kenya…